At the heart of Zulu is its package manager, allowing you to easily install from a curated list of plugins, applications and themes.

List available packages

To list available packages, use the list command. Running the command below will list all the packages in Zulu’s index, with the ones you currently have installed marked.

zulu list --all

Search for a package

Let’s search for packages containing the term git.

zulu search git

Installing a package

To install a package from the index, just type zulu install <package>. Let’s install agnoster, a popular prompt theme.

zulu install agnoster

You should see the theme on your screen already – no need to restart your shell – and it will still be available next time you start ZSH.

Uninstalling a package

Don’t like agnoster? Let’s switch back to the default theme and uninstall it.

zulu theme filthy
zulu uninstall agnoster


Got the hang of all that? Let’s move on to look at Aliases, Functions and Variables →